About Us

Weizmann Limited is the flagship company of the Weizmann Group with business interests in Textile Processing and Exports, Fin-Tech and Renewable Energy.

Weizmann Limited was initially engaged in Textile Processing and Exports, A to Z of Non Banking Finance Activities and in the early 1990's commenced Money Changing Business as an FFMC registered with RBI, under the brand name Weizmann Forex. The group then commenced money transfer services as representatives of Western Union Money Transfer Services, USA. The group also promoted a Housing Finance Company, Weizmann Homes. Further the group ventured into the Renewable Energy sector by initially manufacturing NedWind make Wind Electric Generators and later as Renewable Energy Developers primarily Wind Power and Hydro Power under Karma Energy.

The Group periodically restructured itself by adding new business or effecting divestment from an existing business.

In late 2000 the group exited from manufacturing of Wind Electric Generators.

In mid 2007 transferred their entire stake in housing finance company to American International Group.

In 2009-10 being the Silver Jubilee of Weizmann Group, the Group carried out a major restructuring exercise involving merger of its then two subsidiaries Weizmann Forex Limited and Karma Energy Limited and later demerging the forex business undertaking and power business undertaking into two resultant companies which were rechristened as Weizmann Forex Limited and Karma Energy Limited. In the said process Weizmann Limited rewarded its shareholders with equity shares of the new entity Weizmann Forex Limited and Karma Energy Limited and listed the entities too in 2011.

In late 2015, the Group in its entity Weizmann Impex Service Enterprise Limited received RBI License for issuance of Prepaid Payment Instrument and ventured into host of activities including Domestic Money Transfer through the online portal Jaldicash.

In 2016, the group developed an online Forex portal for facilitating customers with the comfort of initiating purchase and encashment of foreign exchange through click of a button by accessing the online portal Doorstepforex.com.

In 2018 Weizmann Forex Limited rewarded the shareholders with buyback of shares.

In 2019 the Promoters of Weizmann Group transferred their entire stake in the listed entity Weizmann Forex Limited to Ebix Group, a NASDAQ group entity and providing an opportunity to the shareholders to cash out their holding.

Currently the Company is focusing on its core business of Textile Processing. The processing unit of the Company is located at Naroda, Ahmedabad.

In 2022 the Promoters of Weizmann Group transferred their entire stake in Weizmann Impex Service Enterprise Ltd to UNI Group.